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StreamDB is a database of movies and tv shows which u can use via our API.
Links are never removed or deleted due to DMCA.


IMDB Link : https://embed.pflix.co/movie-imdb.php?imdb=[IMDB ID]
IMDB Link : https://embed.pflix.co/movie-tmdb.php?tmdb=[TMDB ID]

Sample : https://embed.pflix.co/movie-imdb.php?imdb=tt10872600
Sample : https://embed.pflix.co/movie-tmdb.php?tmdb=634649

TV Show

IMDB Link : https://embed.pflix.co/tv-imdb.php?imdb=[IMDB ID]&s=[Season Number]&e=[Season Number]
IMDB Link : https://embed.pflix.co/tv-tmdb.php?tmdb=[TMDB ID]&s=[Season Number]&e=[Season Number]

Sample : https://embed.pflix.co/tv-imdb.php?imdb=tt1520211&s=1&e=1
Sample : https://embed.pflix.co/tv-tmdb.php?tmdb=1402&s=1&e=1

Note : Main Server (No Ads)